Our designer, Dana, combines modern design, diverse colours and inspiration from contemporary culture and applied art. She is using her designs as a means to create new fashion - powerful, colourful and sustainable. Our collections are thought-rough and worked on until the last detail. Together with artisan, hand-made production we create knitwear which is by design, truly one of a kind.
Through our design we want you to feel confident and comfortable, and we want you to you to be able to express yourself.


All our knitwear is handmade using traditional techniques with contemporary design and innovative technology - our designer, who has been crafting her knitting and embroidery skills for over 30 years uses ecological, CO2 neutral technologies that truly bring hand craft to the XXI century.

For all our customers who are looking for unique, made-to-order knitwear, we created a bespoke service. Whether you like a particular yarn, design or if you are looking for a piece for a special occasion - we are here to create your special piece. We have only one rule: it must be made with 100% sustainable materials.


Created by a mother and daughter, Sollisti celebrates the bond and unity between women. It is about the comfort and intimacy you feel with your mother, your best friend, your sister or daughter. Just like the people you surround yourself with, our knitwear will make you feel like you are always with them – comfortable, confident and safe.

We wanted to project comfort, softness and the good emotions through using wool, which is gentle, soft and safe to the skin, while different colours and collections can lift up your mood and support you in your everyday activates.