Our designer, Dana, has been knitting for over 30 years. She was involved with design and art from a young age and graduated The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in design. Her adventure with fashion began in the 1980s, when she first started selling her handmade knitwear at the Desa art gallery in Wroclaw, Poland. Although her career lead her to co-founding a branding agency, PND Futura, she has always been a fashion enthusiast.


The inspiration for the collections is design and art. Especially different patterns and forms. Dana mentions that one of her first encounters with complex forms, wide colour palette and variety of patterns through the work of Nice Cave (sculptor and performance artist), that truly shocked her and motivated to use her branding and design in her fashion pieces.


Dana’s daughter, Ada, studied in Scotland in St Andrews. There, she studied and explored consumer behaviour and sustainability. She is involved in research on sustainable development, ethical business, and the zero-waste wave.


By combining her own love for design, fashion and knowledge from research, she and her mother Dana founded SOLLISTI – designer, sustainable knitwear.